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There is no doubt that storage sheds are essential to any homeowners. Imagine a home without storage sheds; for sure the home will be messed up with different items just hanging around and put in the corners awkwardly. Some household items or tools no matter how important they are  not needed all the time which requires us homeowners to find a secure place where they can be placed and kept safely. Sheds to the rescue, they are the perfect storage place available in different sizes depending to our needs and requirements.


Wooden shed turned into summer house

The good thing about sheds is that they can be built easily for DIY types or one can hire a professional to do it or simply buy ready-made sheds available in the market today. Sheds are usually built outdoors, usually in the backyard used for storage purposes of mixed household or gardening items. Since it holds valuable items, it is only imperative that sheds must be done from sturdy materials and strong enough to withstand hash weather conditions.


Metal sheds are sturdy and strong enough to withstand hash weather elements

Storage materials are made from different materials like wood plastic, metal and vinyl. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pick a material in accordance to the features you asked for your shed. Whatever material type you choose as long as they are built and maintained the proper way and then sheds will meant last for years.


Plastic sheds are good choice for regions with mostly wet season

The climate of the region you are living place a huge factor to the appropriate shed type one must buy. Living in a place that is hot with occasional rainfall makes wooden sheds the suitable choice. Aside from the fact that they came in different styles, sizes and designs, wooden sheds is considered one the most affordable type too. For those living in region with unpredictable weather patterns then you are safe with vinyl sheds as they are resistant to tough weather just like plastic sheds.

Metals sheds are considered as one of the tough shed choice too. They offer more security as compared to other type due to the durable and strong nature of metals. Having a secured shed will ward off thieves knowing that your shed it tough to break in.

Owing a shed is indeed beneficial, aside from the fact that your house will look organize and clutter-free, you can be assured too that your children will be safe from sharp pointed objects or hazardous chemicals.


Wooden sheds had been quite around for quite some time. And their ability to naturally blend in any garden environments is one of the reason why most homeowners and gardeners prefers them over other sheds type. Gordon Thorburn in his book “Men and Sheds” mentioned that sheds serves as the place of solitude in which men longs for it as it gives them peace especially during retirement years. But aside from this reason, its appeal is another reason why wooden sheds are becoming a necessity not just for gardeners but for homeowner’s alike.

The traditional look and feel it gives

Wooden sheds are more pleasing to the eyes as compared to plastic or metal sheds. Blame it to the richness of the wood. Although modern designs for sheds are available on the market, still the natural and traditional charm and look of wooden sheds defies time. In fact, an old looking wooden shed is still pleasing to look at and still there is a certain personality attached to it like a vintage shed. But since wood can be weathered by harsh elements, a scheduled maintenance such as varnishing or repainting can help preserve a longer life. Other prefers wooden shed due to fact that it is made from renewable resource.

wooden shed

Even an old wooden shed has innate charm and personality that is hard to deny.


Wooden shed serves a certain purpose

Another reason why wooden sheds are popular is because of its versatile storage options they offer. Bits and pieces that are found cluttered in our garden vicinity can be tidied-up inside the wooden sheds. Even those stuff that are seldom used in our house can be stored and kept neatly inside the shed such as garden machinery, golf clubs, bike, lawnmower and the list is endless. Toxic chemicals like insecticides and fertilizers can also be stored in shed instead inside the house; this will keep those kids safe from ingesting them. - Garden Shed Storage Ideas (2)

This lovely wooden shed can be seen with ample storage option making your home and garden stuff organized.


Wooden sheds can be found almost anywhere, in the backyard, garden even with commercial or institutional settings like schools, hospitals, restaurants and prisons. This only shows that sheds are versatile enough to be placed virtually everywhere. In fact in other countries, there are wooden sheds that had been transformed into restaurants, police and mail stations. And the good thing about wooden sheds is that they are easily customizable. This means that homeowner’s can add extra windows, repaint any color he wishes to and install the type of roofing he prefers or even construct a veranda which makes a perfect place to sit and rest after a hard day’s work.

Most of us are too occupied in keeping our home lock and tight, without realizing that our garden sheds do deserves the same security that our homes require us.

The market nowadays is teeming with security and anti-burglary systems, from the traditional multiple locks, alarms, to sophisticated CCTV cameras all designed to ward off thieves.  Surprisingly though that most homeowners take lesser initiative in keeping their garden sheds secure.  It is a common knowledge that sheds houses valuable garden equipment such as lawn mowers, tractors and other garden machinery.



High value equipment is attractive to thieves

In the 2010 M&S Money’s survey, it had been revealed that an average garden shed content is valued £1000 at least. This is due to the fact that garden sheds can contain garden trimmers, lawn mowers, generators and other valuable garden machinery that will be easily desired by thieves and be sold easily.


Aside from the mentioned equipment above, mountain bikes, golf clubs and other sports equipment can also be placed inside the garden shed making them vulnerable to thieves.

Likewise, children toys such as children’s bikes, scooters can be easily carried by burglars without the knowledge of the homeowners; making garden sheds the one of the most valuable home property due to its contents.


Place garden shed in a hidden place locked tight

Install a heavy duty padlock or a bolt system on a garden shed’s door. This can discourage thieves from opening forcedly the shed door and have the shed’s contents protected. Bolts, locks and heavy duty padlocks available in any DIY stores.  Or you can opt for shed alarm and have it installed to keep your valuable intact and safe.

Most garden sheds have window. Putting thick curtains, blinds can stop prying eyes from peering inside. Or you can cover expensive garden machinery with thick covering.

You can also note the serial numbers of equipment and garden machinery inside the shed. It will be easier to the authorities to find and locate your stolen items and a valid and strong proof of your ownership.

Ensure a safe environment

Is your garden lies in a busy or a less beaten path? Garden gates must be locked at all times. And investing in security lighting to lighten up your shed will be enough to discourage thieves.

Make it habit to always keep unused grass trimmers or any garden equipment inside the shed. Scattered screwdrivers, pitch forks and spades will be used on their advantage to ransack and destroy your locked garden shed’s door.