Today, the market is loaded of garden sheds with myriads shapes, sizes and styles. This makes buying sheds more challenging and tricky as well.

Constructing a garden shed is not always for everyone’s level of skill. Just like any constructing and building projects, accurate measurements are a must. By reading ahead, one will be enlightened when choosing the right garden shed project planning.

The Perfect Shed for You


A sample garden shed plan

With a lot of shape, size and style to choose from, deciding can be difficult. Size can be a determining factor if you have a restricted backyard area. And of course a personal tastes and preferences matter a lot when it comes to shed’s design and style.

Inspect your backyard or garden and measure its total area and compared it to the measurements and sizes stated in sheds catalogue or online shop’s website. Make it a priority to consider the shed’s purpose. Do you intend your shed for sole storage and utility purposes only or you are planning to utilize it as a studio or workshop.

Prepare the Ground

Any construction project requires preparation. As for garden sheds, it is important that it will be built on a leveled and solid ground, although there are cases wherein it may require you to make a solid base if your garden does not present such option. Concrete bases intended for sheds have to be a little smaller than the actual area covered of the shed to allow rainwater. As for wooden sheds, it may require for the wood materials to be pretreated as this helps the woods more resilient to termites and protect and prevent woods from rotting.

 Garden Shed Building

Before the construction progresses, it will require the shed base to be leveled and must sit on a concrete base.  Gable end of the shed must be lifted up and propped up into the right position. While at the same time lifting up the side panel and screw it together with the gable end. Make sure to attach and screw the other sides of the shed and ensure that the beam is tightly screwed. Definitely, this will be a tough job as a one person job and another helping hand will make the job more manageable and easier to handle.


A helping hand while building a garden shed is a huge help

As for the shed’s door, hang it in the frame and test if it is easy enough to swing to and pro. If you are satisfied with the outcome then this is the right time to put the roof panels and nail the structure to the shed’s floor.  Cut the shed roof according to your desired size and secure into place. If you have windows, then this is the next thing to do.

Proper maintenance is the key if you want your shed to lasts longer. Periodically replace any shed parts that shows damage and needs replacement, treating the timber too will help them termites-free.